In October 1969 Francis and Linda Whetstone moved to Bassetts Manor, which is set in the glorious countryside north of the village of Hartfield on the Surrey/Sussex/Kent borders. The buildings were then used for their dairy herd but later a change was made to rearing diary heifers for local farmers.

This released a number of farm buildings and in 1982 the first tenant moved into what is now Unit 6...  and he is still here 30 years later! Many of the current tenants have been here for over 10 years.

Now 18 mostly small workshops, 3 flats/cottages and 3 equestrian lets with indoor and outdoor stables, indoor and outdoor arenas and grazing form a unique working and living environment where everyone has their own space but where there is nearly always someone around to share a cup of tea or help with a challenge if needed.

Tenants do not leave very often but if anything is available details will be in the box below. If you are looking for rural property to let keep an eye on this space.

Please use our contact page to enquire about any vacancies we might have

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